Volunteer Team

The team in charge of carrying out the social validation tests consists of volunteers with broad experience in the social sector and in some cases profiles very close to real users of the product.

  • Juan Carlos Domonte

    Works at the Spanish Red Cross. Specialized in product testing for users with reduced visibility.

  • Xavier Blanch

    Volunteer with extensive experience in different projects. Contributes with a close vision to the end user thanks to the constant relation with the groups of interest.

  • Andrés Oteo

    Retired ONCE worker. Specialized in the validation of accessibility for users with zero vision.

  • Adoración González

    Computer engineer. Collaborates as a volunteer in various projects.

  • Rubén Ainaud

    Red Cross worker in Barcelona. Specialized in the validation of accessibility for users with difficulty of handling and reduced mobility.

  • Aurora González

    Psychologist, a Red Cross worker with a long history in the Elderly, Disabled and Caregivers program.

  • Arturo Saez

    Red Cross worker on the volunteer team of the Madrid Assembly

  • Carlos Capataz

    Director of volunteering and local development of the Spanish Red Cross. He has a long history as a volunteer and professional in the social field.