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November 2019
Mapp4all is a platform that disseminates information about accessibility. It provides information on the accessibility characteristics of establishments in any city in the world. It allows us to locate an establishment that meets the requirements and needs that a person may require. A person in a wheelchair can have babies and a pet. For this reason, at Mapp4all we can search for establishments with various accessibility requirements.

The Mapp4All website  and the application in Android system is compatible with the video-interpretation service in LSE technology SVisual.

The process to use it is very simple, you have to Download the app on Android or IOS, below Register with our basic personal data. The next thing is to use the application applying the selection of filters that interests us according to our needs. 

One of the values ​​of the tool is the possibility of sharing the opinions and experiences of the users who visit the registered places, or have the possibility to register one of them. 

In turn, companies can be certified as accessible establishments in the Application. They pay a registration fee per month and this allows them to be the first in the list of places that are offered to Mapp4all users.

The application and the web are available in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Portuguese. German, Italian and Russian.

The support of the website is available through a contact form:  or via email:


Forms of Acquisition:

The application is available on Android and IOS, and is free for users. 


The establishments can register as Premium Clients, so that the location and information about the places (offices, restaurants, hoterles, etc.) and their accessibility characteristics, appear in priority positions in the search list. The price in this case is of 8,33 euros per month.


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