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What does it consist of:

At a time when app stores for mobile devices are collapsed with games of all kinds, it is still missing that there are some aimed at people from different groups, in this sense Accessible Memory appears to help fill this gap.
It is an application that presents a simple and accessible game to help the user to improve their memory while having fun, undoubtedly an interesting and beneficial idea.

Forms of acquisition:

We can download the application for free from the Android Play Store, since this application has been developed only for this operating system. If we want to contact the developers of the app: Mouse4All, we can do so through the following email: Download the Android version at the following link: Link download Accessible Memory for Android  

Technical assessment:

Author: Julian Maria Morejon Carmona
Date: March 2021
This simple application will cover the user's desire for entertainment at a basic level, helping to integrate different groups of people in the field of games on mobile devices, with a very interesting and attractive result.
In this review we will do an analysis of the app, for devices with Android, because it is only available in this operating system, using Android version 9.0 in the analysis.


Next, we proceed with the detailed analysis of the application.
Once we have installed the application, when we open it, a new game of the default game mode will be shown directly to us so that we can start playing, here it might have been interesting to show a menu when opening it instead of starting directly with the game, although doing so simplifies the steps to start playing.
Example of the game in the game when opening the app
The game system will consist of memorizing during the pre-established time in the app the images or letters shown on the screen, and then matching each available frame by memory until all are completed. 
To access the menu we will have to select the three lines located in the upper left corner, a drop-down menu will open with the following options:
- New game: allows us to start a new game in our current game mode.
- Token games: this section allows us to change the game mode between the two available or create our own mode if we select the icon with the + symbol located in the lower right corner.
Game type choice menu
- Settings: This section stands out mainly for the multiple options it offers, which cover all the needs that a user may have in the app by having:
or sound effects- Activate various sounds based on actions performed in the game.
or Voice: offers information by voice when selecting the different tiles that are part of the game, providing more accessibility even to the app.
or Dashboard: it offers very remarkable options to apply on the game board, both to adjust the game's difficulty and to change the color of the board.
or Tokens: provides customization options for the tiles present in the game as well as their color.
Game settings menu
Apart from these elements we find some more, less relevant since their function is to fill in the menu, such as the privacy policy, the option to donate or the About option.
With everything described above, we can see that the application is very complete when it comes to customizing the game and offers very polished accessibility, coupled with the fact that it is quite entertaining to use due to its speed and ease.
If we summarize, the application is an ideal way to initiate people from different groups in the world of entertainment through games offered by mobile devices.


 The name of the app already informs us that it has been specially designed to meet this point and we can confirm that the efforts of the developers in creating a game accessible to all are appreciated. 
For this they have used large boards and tabs and differentiated colors, along with multiple customization options for both that allow adjusting everything necessary for each one to facilitate user accessibility.
It also has a very correct labeling for screen readers that, together with the native option of playing cards by voice, complete accessibility for people with vision difficulties.
For people who have some difficulties to press the elements of the game, they could use external buttons, such as Mouse4all, which offers great compatibility, being able to access the game without any inconvenience.
In summary, we highlight the accessibility presented by the application in which all possible details have been taken care of to offer access to the maximum groups of people, obtaining an app that offers unique accessibility.


With all the tests and checks carried out, we affirm that we are facing an application that mixes play and learning in an outstanding way, together with a careful and polished accessibility.
Although the app contains all the benefits described, it could be appreciated the fact of having included some other game mode apart from the ones it brings. Although the possibility of adding your custom tiles is an extra complement, it will add many more hours of entertainment and partially mitigate the absence of this extra game mode.


  • Accessibility: It is undoubtedly the strongest point of this app, the care and care that the developers have put in this aspect is appreciated, with a multitude of options and a good design.
  • Custom tabs: The absence of multiple game modes is alleviated with the presence of the option of being able to add chips to our liking, granting many more game possibilities.

Improvement points

  • More games: Some extra game mode is missing, although it is not very necessary, a mode that provides greater variety would be appreciated.
  • Main Menu: It would be ideal if when opening the application it showed us a menu or main interface, since it can confuse or disorient the user a bit, if when opening the app a game starts automatically.



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