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What does it consist of:

to take is an application designed to enhance storytelling and the preservation of personal legacy. Allows users to preserve memories and storiesthrough realization of videos and audios, for their loved ones, thereby improving senior care services by making it easier to connect with those who cannot visit frequently. Besides, to take offers a unique and innovative experience that allows users to connect with both their loved ones and themselves. 

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Forms of acquisition:

Mobile app


It is available on Android at the following link:             google play

It is available on iOS at the following link:                      App Store Logo


Technical assessment:

Author: Ana Hidalgo Montero

Date: May 2024

How does Almaya work?

Users answer questions about their life, previously designed by psychologists and philosophers, covering different areas such as personal history, advice, recipes or opinions. Each user who registers content on Almaya receives a unique code that they can share with others to give them access to their digital collection, called Legacy. To interact with the content, users can access it through a friendly user interface guided by Alma, an artificial intelligence that makes it easy to navigate through the recordings.

Phone with almaya screen open


When starting the application, we will be asked to create a user with an email and password. Once inside, the first question we will encounter will be about the purpose we want to give to the application. We will be offered the possibility of choosing between several objectives, such as telling my life story, preserving my family history or talking about my hobbies and passions. Then, we will have to answer a questionnaire about ourselves, providing information such as our age range and whether we have children, as well as their age range if we have them.

Initial screen that shows the application as soon as you download it; It is a mother and her daughter looking at something on their cell phone while smiling and it says "Complete each chapter and you will receive your Video-books to share with the family"

Página principal 

Once registered and accessed the application, the main page is displayed, where you find the questions to answer, along with an answer button to access the recordings already made.  

Almaya's purpose is to create a personalized life book. As you complete different chapters, a progress bar shows you how far you've come in creating the book. Additionally, below the page, the subchapter you are in is indicated.  

For example, if you are narrating your life story, subchapters could include “My Early Years,” “Links and Activities,” and “Childhood and Adolescence,” with the goal of capturing the story of your childhood and youth. In later chapters, you will be asked to describe your current situation or your plans for the future.  

It is important to note that all published content must be in video or audio format, which greatly facilitates its accessibility for people with cognitive problems or reduced mobility. However, the app does not provide the option to add subtitles to the videos to accommodate the hearing impaired. 

Initial screen of the application, we find the progress bar at the top. In the central part we find the questions to answer. At the bottom there are both the button for the uploaded recordings and the name of the next chapter to complete
Chapter screen, at the top is the button from which we can select which album we want to see; In the central part is the information about the chapter you are doing now and at the bottom is the name of the next chapter

bookstore display 

In the bookstore, we can find a record of all our published recordings. From this page, we have the ability to review, manage and delete posts as we wish.  

Additionally, when publishing a story, it is not mandatory to do so immediately. We have the option to schedule your posting for another specific day and time. This allows us to plan and maintain a regular release, even if the recording was made at a different time. 

Page of the recording library, we find at the top, the three buttons for the filter of the captures that are shown, the one on the left is the one for all, the central one is published and the one on the right is programmed. In the central part we have all the recordings that we have made and at the bottom, the application menu buttons are located, following the following order from left to right, home, captures, Soul, library, settings.

Loved Ones Screen 

Additionally, to have greater control over the people we have allowed to see our stories and the stories we can see, there is the loved ones screen, where they are all shown to us in order. 

Loved ones screen, at the top the two followers and followed buttons are shown; In the central part, all the chats with which you are talking are shown. Finally, at the bottom there are the two buttons to access another Almaya and share my Almaya

Milestones Screen 

As a way to encourage uploading videos, rewards will be given through badges for uploading increasingly longer videos, with more explanations. 


On the milestones screen, we find different medals in gray or gold depending on whether or not their corresponding tasks have been completed, such as having made a 10-minute recording.

Settings screen:

On the settings screen, you are given the possibility to change the profile settings, change the language or find out about the security policy of the application. 


Settings screen. In the central part there are the different buttons on the aspects that you can change such as the language, notifications or your profile.

Usability and accessibility  

The application interface is very simple and easy to use. Several features stand out:  

  • Users can access all features quickly and easily, making it easy to navigate the app.   
  • The application features large buttons. 
  • The interface is highly visual and is not overloaded with information. Pictograms are also included for each of the functionalities, which facilitates understanding and the user experience.  


Accessibility for people with reduced or no visibility

Almaya incorporates non-visual alternatives, all the stories and memories that are uploaded are in video or audio format, which should not present any problems for users. Regarding interaction with screen readers, the application is completely adapted. However, it is proposed as a point of improvement to increase the font size or at least offer that possibility. 


 Accessibility for people with hearing difficulties

The application is not adapted for people with hearing problems, since all content is in audio or video format, with no option to add subtitles or adjust the volume beyond what the mobile device allows. The inclusion of subtitles in the videos and the possibility of transcriptions for the audio are proposed as improvements. 


Accessibility for people with cognitive difficulties  

The language used is simple and the application interface is simplified, with pictograms and icons in the menus, making it suitable for people with mild cognitive difficulties. 


Accessibility for people with reduced mobility   

It is easily applied for people who have difficulty manipulating large buttons, and the exclusive use of video or audio eliminates the need to type text, making it easier to use for people with reduced mobility or limited dexterity. 



Almaya is a very complete and original application to strengthen interpersonal or family ties. We consider that, as it has an evoking component, it can be a cognitive stimulation for those who present mild cognitive impairment or mild-stage Alzheimer's. Although it has some aspects that can be improved. 


This section will encompass all the positive aspects specified above.   

  • Large buttons improve the user experience, especially for those with poor vision or limited dexterity. 
  • Uploading content without the need to write makes the application easier to use for people with reduced mobility or limited dexterity. 


Improvement points

This section will encompass all the improvement aspects specified above.    

  • The inclusion of subtitles is suggested to make the application accessible to people with hearing problems. 
  •  It would be useful to give the user the option to increase the font size. 

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