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What does it consist of:

October 2018

Lazarillo is a free application developed to facilitate the orientation of people with reduced or no vision in outdoor environments.

The application is based on the use of the GPS location of the mobile terminal and various mapping systems to guide the user. Lazarillo offers a list of locations of interest such as restaurants, transport, ATMs or public buildings among others, to which you can direct the user through voice instructions.

The application is available in English and Spanish in Android and IOS versions and its use is intuitive and fully adapted for screen readers such as voiceover and talkback.

Exploration mode: announces where the user is and what is around him, such as bus stops, ATMs, shops, among others. In addition, it informs about places near your position and the intersection of streets through which you travel, improving mobility. 

 The application has the following functionalities:

  • Searches by categories: locates nearby places through categories such as banks, health, food, transport, among others, guaranteeing better accessibility to what is in the environment.

  • Specific searches: allows you to enter addresses in the "search" button and find any place you need.

  • Save favorites: save places so that they are available without an internet connection and associated with the user's account. It can be done with the address or through GPS locators.

  • Route or guide from one point to another: allows the user to choose a place and plan a route to reach it. It has several travel options to guarantee mobility around the city: walking, by car, public transport or Uber.

  • Tracking: activates the tracking of a place to receive alerts as the user approaches it.


Forms of Acquisition:

Android version of the application by clicking on the following link:

You can download the iOS version of the application by clicking on the following link:


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