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What does it consist of:

Bleta is an alternative that seeks to reduce the gap between the elderly and technology.  
It consists of a tablet with a launcher incorporated that offers the possibility of adapting the system to the needs of the person either during the purchase process (where it is possible to choose the initial configuration or the applications that are needed) or during use, since:  

  • It has a simple and straightforward interface, which makes navigation through the tablet smooth. 
  • It is possible to adjust the size of the letters and it has large icons, which allows you to easily differentiate each application or functionality.
  • In the applications menu we see that the applications are grouped into categories. 
  • It has a large number of applications and it is possible to install others from the Google Play application.
  • In the menu or main page we can anchor the 6 applications that we use the most.  


How did Bleta come about? 

The Bleta project emerged in 2020 during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic with the # Approach them campaign or initiative so that people could donate their devices to hospitals and residences and make it possible for older people to contact their loved ones during confinement. But the need to create a solution that facilitates the use of tablets for the elderly strengthened the purpose of the Bleta project. 
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Forms of acquisition:

Ticket can be purchased for the price of 299 Euros (VAT included in the price). This includes the tablet, accessories such as a Rotary holster and touch pen, and the ability for the team to customize Bleta to our needs. 

Image showing the box that the tablet and its accessories come in.Image showing the tablet and its accessories. If you want to buy a ticket you must fill in the form that appears when you click on the following logo:  Bleta logo

Shipping is free in Spain and the package arrives in approximately 4 or 5 business days.  

If we want to know a little more about Bleta, we can visit their website: 

In addition, there is the possibility of rent unto Bleta for the desired time, thanks to the collaboration of Bleta and Yakk. The rental prices vary from € 26,99 / month to € 29,99 / month depending on the number of months you want to use Bleta. At the end of the rental period we have the possibility to buy Ticket (flexing). 

In case we have any questions, opinions or suggestions regarding the product, we can contact the development team through or by calling + 34 644 679 211. 


The return period is 30 days from the day of delivery of the package and the legal guarantee of this product is 2 years. 


Technical assessment:

December 2021 

Next, we will proceed to a more detailed analysis of the functionalities and characteristics of Bleta. 

A welcome message is displayed when you turn on the tablet.An explanatory message is displayed about the start button.

And after following the instructions we will go to the main page. In it, small messages will appear explaining the functions provided by the buttons located on the left side or at the top, depending on the orientation of the tablet, and after its completion we will be able to use the tablet freely. 

 A welcome message to the main menu is displayed.Image showing the main page in landscape mode.

It should be noted that the screen can be rotated automatically (horizontal or vertical orientation). The images shown above keep the screen in landscape orientation. The appearance of the interface when the screen is in portrait orientation is as follows: 

Image showing the main page in portrait mode.

We observe that the font size and icons in the main menu is quite large, in this way it is easier to identify the application or functionality to which you want to access. The applications that we see in the main menu can be changed for others that we use more frequently. 

Some functionalities available on the main screen are shown.

In the top (or side) bar, we find 6 icons that represent the following functionalities: 

  • Battery icon.Battery icon: Thanks to this icon we can check the battery level. 
  • Wifi icon.Wifi icon: Through this icon we can know if we have an internet connection. In case of not being connected, it is represented in this way Icon showing that the tablet is not connected to a wireless network.. 
  • Submit content icon.Send content icon: allows you to connect the screen with devices that have the functionality to send content, such as Chromecast (Google). 
  • Icon that allows you to change the font size of the main page.Font size icon: when interacting with this icon the font size will change, if we slide to the left the font size will be reduced and if we slide the button to the right, the font size will increase. 
  • Application menu icon.Applications menu icon: this icon allows us to go to the applications menu.  

Upon entering the applications menu we will see the following:

The applications menu and its subdivisions are displayed.

As well as on the main page, the size of the icons and letters is remarkable, as well as the high-contrast text, which make the available applications visible and distinguishable. 

It is striking that the installed applications are grouped into different categories, thus facilitating access to a specific application. 

Among the categories we find: cognition, entertainment, multimedia, communication, information, health and others. All these with applications designed to try to meet the needs of people. 

El launcher of the tablet recognizes the category of the application and adds it to this category, for example, when installing applications like Spotify or Amazon Prime video, these are added to the category “Multimedia”. However, there are some applications such as Glovo or Voice Access which are assigned to the category "Others". 

It is interesting that the launcher be able to recognize the category to which each application belongs, as it provides convenience when installing new apps and searching for them. 

In any case, it is possible to consult all the applications in the "All" option. 

Due to an interface update after the completion of this review, a new category called "Favorites" has been added where all the applications that the user marks as favorites are added (new icon represented by a star next to the icon Configuration button., which appears when viewing applications). In addition, the date and time have been added to the main screen.

Bleta has a large number of full version applications without ads, this can be observed in the cases of the entertainment and cognition categories. 

Likewise, the “Contacts” application is noteworthy, which allows us to add people with whom we want to communicate via WhatsApp or SMS. 

Scheduled contacts are displayed.Image showing the contacts saved in the WhatsApp Contacts application

We also have the "WhatsApp Contacts" app, where we can communicate via WhatsApp through a call, video call or message, with the new contacts that we add, quickly and easily  

This app stands out for having a more visible interface than the first one (Contacts), which is more comfortable when identifying the names of the contacts and communicating with them, but we have verified that it is not possible to add a photo to identify the Contact. 

Image showing the contacts saved in the WhatsApp Contacts applicationThe options to act on the contacts of the WhatsApp Contacts application are displayed

Among other functionalities, we can see:  

  • On the screen we can notice the presence of an icon with a house inside . If we keep pressed on this icon, we can move it to any part of the screen where it is more convenient for us to view it and if we click on it it will take us to the main page.  
  • This button will appear whenever we are not on the main screen, regardless of whether we enter the tablet settings or within an application. 
  • Pressing the setup buttonConfiguration button. which is next to the applications, we will see 4 options: open, anchor it to start, uninstall or cancel.

Executable actions on applications are displayed.

  •  Questions icon: this icon allows us to consult the digital user manual. 

If we access the User Manual we will be able to observe some functionalities of which we will be able to consult how to act on them. We also have a section, Contact, where we explain how to contact the developers, and a section of frequently asked questions in which common doubts that may appear among users are found.

The user manual menu is displayed.

The inclusion of a user manual on the tablet is noteworthy, because although it is true that the entire product includes a physical manual, having a digital manual facilitates the resolution of any questions that may appear instantly. 

In addition, it is much more visible, since as we see the letters have a much larger size compared to the physical one.  

Likewise, it empowers and gives the user a certain autonomy, since it allows them to know the functioning of the environment and the functionalities individually. 

Design and manufacturing  


The good quality of the materials with which the tablet is made means that this product has the possibility of lasting with use over time.  

For more information, you can consult the manual or the quick start guide “Lenovo Tab M10 (HD)” that is included in the kit. 


The package is a well-labeled and protected cardboard box, which contains a thank you letter, a user manual, a tablet with its respective power adapter and microUSB cable, a 360º rotary protective sleeve and a touch pen. 

Physical characteristics    

The tablet has a 10.1-inch HD screen, Dolby Atmos audio, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage that can be expanded with a microSD card, 2-megapixel front camera and 5-megapixel rear camera, microphone, speaker and headphone jack. In addition, we have the option to insert a 4G mobile data card. 

Dimensions and weight 

Tablet Dimensions: 16.8 cm wide by 24.2 cm long and 0.81 cm thick. 

Tablet weight: 480g. 

forms of connectivity

Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth. 

Technical support

Technical support is free, the technical support team will solve all our doubts and technical problems that arise through or by calling + 34 644 679 211. 

External evaluations

Bleta won the first prize of the sixth edition of Emprenedoria Social promoted by Barcelona Activa in September 2021, for being an innovative project that designed a tablet adapted for the elderly in order to bring new technologies to this group and face the digital gap. We can read more about this award in the following links:  

Technical performance 


During the testing time, “Bleta Launcher” worked correctly and the tablet (Lenovo Tab M10 HD) did not present any problems either. Both the touch screen, cameras, microphone, among others, worked correctly when the user interacted with them.   


In the course of the tests we have verified that there are no drawbacks in terms of performance, that is, at no time have we found ourselves in situations of prolonged waits or slowness when going through the tablet through the different pages, windows or applications. 

How to consume it 

We must not forget that the battery life will be affected by the time we use our Bleta, the applications with which we interact, as well as other external factors such as temperature, among others. 

With the different tests carried out with Bleta, we have verified that the battery life is long. According to him manufacturer  the battery can last up to 504 hours, but this may vary depending on usage. For example, the manufacturer claims that the battery can last up to 8 hours of 720p quality video playback. 


The data that we provide to Bleta Solutions SL, which is responsible for the processing of the user's personal data, are treated in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2016 / 679 and Organic Law 3 / 2018 

For more information we must read the Privacy Policy which is available on the Bleta web portal.


Bleta was specially designed for the elderly, but thanks to the great visibility of the environment we can say that it has characteristics that also facilitate its use by people with visual difficulties.  

Among the characteristics of Bleta, in terms of accessibility, we highlight: 

  • It has a simple design with a simple interface that makes it easy to understand the environment of the tablet. 
  • It is possible to configure the main screen, so that we can locate the most used applications in it. 
  • The letters and icons are quite visible, which makes it easy to recognize the functionalities. It is possible to increase or decrease the size of the letters on the main page in a simple way thanks to the icon . 

Likewise, delving into the tablet settings, we will find the accessibility options offered by devices with Android operating system: 

Accessibility testing with screen readers 

When testing the TalkBack screen reader on our Bleta, we observed certain problems: 

  • It is not possible to access the home screen with the home button represented with a house. 
  • Some buttons are unlabeled which makes it difficult to use TalkBack. 

Voice control accessibility tests 

We have carried out tests in Bleta with the application VoiceAccess, which consists of an app that allows us to use our Android device through voice commands. 

Some problems detected in the correct operation of both products were the same presented in tests with screen readers, such as the lack of labels on certain buttons. 

Accessibility tests regarding sizes within the interface. 

Although it is true that the interface has great visibility, if we try to adjust the sizes of the icons and the letters from the tablet settings, we will see that it is not possible, since Bleta comes with these by default. 

The only thing adjustable are the words that appear on the main screen, through the corresponding bar. 


Without a doubt, it has been proven that Bleta is a product adapted to the elderly since it has a simple and intuitive interface that can be customized to the needs of each user. In addition, the tablet has a good size screen which makes it easy to see the elements displayed on it, HD screen resolution, good sound quality and enough internal storage space.  

Although this product is oriented and adapted to the elderly, it can be used by anyone who wants a simpler interface.  


  • Software adapted to the elderly, with an intuitive interface, which contains large letters and icons, which facilitates the use of the tablet. 
  • It is remarkable the possibility of changing the applications that we want to appear on the main screen, facilitating access to them. 
  • Also striking is the existence of a button to return to the initial page from any window or page. 
  • Bleta arrives fully configured and ready to use. 
  • The configuration is customized to the user's needs and can be determined during the purchase period. 
  • The tactile pen that it has allows a more comfortable interaction. 
  • It has a large number of full version applications. 
  • The division of the application menu into sections is interesting, since it facilitates the search for apps that have a similar purpose. 
  • It is striking that the launcher Identify the installed applications and assign them to the appropriate section. 
  • The inclusion of a user manual allows consulting some aspects of the existing functionalities, frequent doubts and ways to contact the developers, which makes the user experience of using Bleta more comfortable and helps them understand the tablet environment. 

It is important to mention that a physical manual and a digital one are included. 

Improvement points 

  • Despite the order of the applications in sections in the menu, it would be interesting to include a search engine to find them by name. 
  • In the application "WhatsApp Contacts" it is not possible to add a photo to the registered contacts. 
  • You cannot modify the number of application icons on the main screen, they must always be 6. 
  • Likewise, it is not possible to modify the size of the letters or the icons in the applications menu, and neither of the icons on the main screen. Letter size icon.
  • In tests with Voice Access and Talkback, we noticed the existence of some unlabeled buttons, which makes it difficult to recognize the functionality in case of visual difficulties. 
  • The time shown in the upper left corner is shown cut off in some of the interface screens . 
  • It would be useful to have an alarm button or SOS button in the main menu to immediately contact a trusted contact or emergency services.  




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