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  • Diabetes App: M
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  • The app is compatible with glucometers

What does it consist of:


Application Diabetes: M, of the company Sirma Medical Systems JSC, aims to help better control diabetes and keep it under control. It is prepared for the registration and monitoring of Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes, both by the patient and a caregiver. 

The application tracks almost every aspect of treatment and provides detailed reports, graphs, and statistics. Allows the reports to be sent by e-mail to the toilets. "Diabetes: M" also provides tools for monitoring blood glucose levels and allows you to calculate the amount of insulin needed. Finally, we would like to highlight that it has a section for prevention, therefore it has an extensive nutritional database to keep track of food and nutritional information, as well as monitoring of physical activity. This entire system is completed with a reminder system, insulin and medication intake. 

"Diabetes: M" can analyze imported data values ​​from various glucose meters and insulin pumps through the exported files of their respective diabetes management software systems. It is compatible with iOS and Android and for Apple Watch there is an application available.

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Forms of Acquisition:

The application is free to download, although it includes a certain cost for elements included within the application, between € 3,09 - € 54,99 per element.

It can be downloaded at: 





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