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GoTalk 9+ Lite Touch

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What does it consist of:

November 2018


GoTalks is a communicator of "Attainment Company" that facilitates the communication of people with disabilities. This augmentative communication board allows the alternative to people who do not use oral language, facilitating that they can start conversations or support the communication of their daily activities: talking on the phone, telling personal anecdotes, practicing speaking and articulation, giving instructions. This model, Go Talks 9+ Talks, provides great sound with volume control, easy sequential recording, quick level erase, built-in overlay storage, record lock, level lock, and a 2-year warranty. For example, in the Hospital setting, a GoTalk communicator could be used to communicate medical history or ailments, as well as make comments or condemn something. 

Records and stores up to 45 messages at five levels, up to 8.25 minutes in total. Nine programmable buttons allow the user to customize each level with images and vocal recordings. Includes three additional center buttons for frequently used words or phrases at all levels. Offers sequential recording for quick setup and re-recording. Pair well with GoTalk overlay software and transport bracket

Forms of Acquisition:

Its price is $ 199 and can be purchased through the manufacturer's website, Attainment Company:



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