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September 2019


intimate is a Spanish application to meditate that promotes personal well-being. It is included among the apps that we call mental health and has the distinctive of Healthy App, of the Junta de Andalucía. It is prepared by psychologists who are experts in mindfulness and their slogan is to train the mindful mind with the habit of only 10 minutes a day.

The concept of using a mobile phone, an everyday and extended device, as a gateway to disconnect from the daily rhythm, allows the Intimind app to influence various aspects, such as: Health and Stress, Work Better, Personal Relationships and Emotional Balance.

Its main benefits are to incorporate Calm in the day to day, See things from a more positive perspective and Improve the relationship with oneself.

It has free first meditations, and later, the activity can be maintained with a monthly or annual bonus. The Intimind application has had media coverage on channels such as "The country" o RTVE.

This application is recognized by "Google Play: best apps of 2017 in Latin America" ​​and, specifically, in the "Most entertaining" category.

Forms of acquisition:

The company data can be seen directly in , as well as the form to contact them.

It can be purchased from GooglePlay or the Apple Store:

Purchases can be made directly with the application once installed. The model is subscription or by blocks of meditations:

The annual Intimind subscription is € 79,99: Access to all content for one year. Automatic renewal.

The monthly Intimind subscription is € 9,99: Access to all content for one month. Automatic renewal.

INTRODUCTION: 21 meditations (9,99 euros)

HEALTH AND STRESS: 60 meditations of 10 and 20 minutes (24,99 euros)

WORK BETTER: 30 meditations of 10 minutes (19.99 euros)

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: 30 meditations of 10 minutes (19.99 euros)

EMOTIONAL BALANCE: 30 meditations of 20 minutes (24,99 euros)


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