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What does it consist of:

JouleBug is an application with which it is intended to acquire and put into practice more sustainable habits.

The app offers different types of challenges that can be done to obtain points and participate in the challenges that are launched in the app, being able to compete with friends or with unknown people.

Forms of acquisition:

The app is available for free both in the App Store for devices with the Ios operating system and in the Google Play Store for devices with the Android operating system.

For Android devices we have version 6.1.1 of the app that is available from version 5.0 of the operating system.

In the case of Ios devices, we have version 6.1.0 of the app that is available from version 11.0 of the operating system.

The download links are as follows:

  • Google Play: 

  • App Store: 

In case you want to contact the developers, contact us with the following email:

And if you have any questions, we have the following website:

It is worth mentioning that this last page is only in English by default, but its translation is possible through the google translator.


Technical assessment:

In order to access the app, it will be necessary to accept its terms and conditions and create an account, after which we will appear on the main page.The main page of the app is displayed where the challenges and their categories are located.

As we can see, it has a wide range of sections regarding sustainability. Each section has different types of challenges that will be related to it, which will contain information of interest, such as what it consists of, links related to the action carried out or what the impact of the action may be equivalent to.

It is possible to scroll through the sections to find a particular challenge, but there is also a search engine, which facilitates interaction.

You can see a description of the challenge.You can see information associated with the challenge.

This way of approaching the application is attractive since by including information in each challenge, the aim is to make people aware of the impact that they can have when carrying out actions that during daily life may seem harmless.

Likewise, both the proposed interface and the points system make the use of the application more dynamic. This is noticeable above all in the separation of the challenges, which allows us to select those in which we have more possibilities of participating; and in the fact that points can stimulate competitive people to get more of them to satisfy some personal development.

Once the challenge is completed, we will have to press buzz, obtaining the following:

The appearance of a message is shown after completing a challenge.

Returning to the main page, if we go to the icon with 3 horizontal lines, we can access other windows:

The options panel is displayed on an Android device.

When entering the challenge, we will access a window in which we can participate in challenges to compete against other users, so that the points we achieve by carrying out the actions we talked about previously, count towards a ranking in which everyone will be involved. participants.

The challenges available in the app are displayed.Information associated with the challenge and how to join is displayed.

If we look at the challenge window we find two other options called following and all.

On the other hand, in Following, we will find activity reports from people we follow who also use the app, while in all, we will find a global ranking and not only of the people who participate in the challenges.

It is quite interesting that the app includes some features that can include social networks, since in this way it allows you to meet people with a common interest, at the same time that it makes it possible to develop new activities with friends, being able to follow their progress and in this way establish a healthy and entertaining competition.

If we enter the challenge itself, we will see the following.

The ranking by points of the members of a challenge is observed.

Initially we will see the ranking that we mentioned before, but we have more windows.

En Activity we will be able to visualize the activities carried out by the users to add points in the challenge.

The activities carried out by the members of the challenge are shown.

En insights we will find data related to the challenge in which we participate.

Finally, in and impact We will see the result of people's contribution to the environment, that is, we can see the amount of CO2, kilograms of garbage and liters of water that have been saved with the activities of the participants, among other activities.

The data of the global impact avoided by the actions during the challenge is shown.

Viewing these statistics has a positive impact on people as they see the result of the effort they exert and can encourage them to continue with it.

Returning to this window, we can also access our profile, where we will basically see the statistics that we talked about before but focused on our activities, regardless of whether they are carried out during a challenge or not.

The options panel is displayed on an Android device.The user profile is displayed.

We will also be able to access a window where we will be able to consult the badges that we are given for carrying out an activity and a history of the activities carried out.

Iphone experience.

After carrying out tests on a device with the Ios operating system, we noticed that the main difference is in the application interface, with the image on the right corresponding to the app on Ios and the one on the right corresponding to the Android app.

The main page is displayed on an Ios device.The main page is displayed on an Android device.

As we can see, the main interface on Ios devices is more graphic, as the challenge categories have an icon for each of them, which is not included on Android.

Another difference to note is that on Android there is a challenge search engine, while on Ios the app has it and also a list of the categories that we will see below.

The list of categories is displayed on an Ios device.

Likewise, browsing through the app windows on Ios is easier because it has a panel at the bottom of the screen that allows access to them.

This does not happen in Android, where instead of an options panel we have the following window.

 The options panel is displayed on an Android device.

It is important to mention that in both versions there are challenges whose descriptions are not translated, however in the Ios version we also find some untranslated messages or titles, unlike the Android version, as we can see in the following images, being the one corresponding to Ios the one on the left and Android the one on the right. 

The window of activities carried out by people on an Ios device is displayed.The window of activities performed by people on an Android device is displayed.

Finally, regarding screen readers, we have found that in both there are unlabeled buttons, however we have found that in the iOS version some buttons are not translated.



As seen, the app does not contain features or functionalities aimed at a particular group. It seeks to capture the largest amount of public and taking this into account in terms of accessibility we can say the following:

  • The interfaces of the existing windows are simple and make it easier to understand the environment and the features. This is better appreciated in the Ios version, which is much more graphic.
  • It is possible to modify the size of the letter, since it adapts to the configuration that has been established in the device.
  • Despite being able to change the font size, in some cases reading can be difficult due to the use of white letters on light backgrounds.
  • With the use of screen readers, it has been noted that there are buttons without labels, so the use of the app for blind people or people with visual difficulties is very limited. In the iOS version we have also been able to find buttons without translation, which further limits the use of the app.


After the analysis carried out, we can say that it is an interesting app that allows us to achieve a goal in a more entertaining and encouraging way.

This can be seen in the way of focusing the activities to help reduce the environmental impact, since proposing a solution based on a competition and with characteristics of a social network makes the experience more attractive to users, encouraging them to overcome each other and even participate with family and friends.

Despite this, it should be noted that, although it is true that people's participation is important, it is just as or more important that many companies also aim to reduce their emissions and look for more environmentally friendly alternatives, Otherwise, the effort made will not have a relevant effect.


Among the highlights of the application we can find the following:

  • It has a striking and simple interface so it is not difficult to understand how the environment works, being more remarkable in the version for devices with the Ios operating system.
  • It has a large number of activities designed to reduce environmental impact, which in addition to a description, also include information of interest such as web links or videos related to the activity.
  • It is interesting that with the activities a system of points and badges or trophies is added by which people can measure their contribution to the environment, thus making the use of the app more interesting.
  • It is also possible to observe the contribution made from the profile, in a more specific way, which allows a more defined follow-up of our purposes.
  • The possibility of carrying out challenges with the rest of the people who use the application and the proposed ranking system is striking, since in this way they achieve greater motivation when carrying out the activities.
  • The characteristics of a social network, such as the viewer of activities carried out by other people or the monitoring of the people themselves, provide a friendlier and closer character.

Improvement points.

  • The description of many activities and challenges is available in English only, that is, the interface mixes languages.
  • Although it is true that in many cases the interface is very visible and striking, in others the absence of high-contrast text can make it difficult to read some windows.
  • For screen readers, there are unlabeled buttons, making it difficult for people who are blind or visually impaired to use the app. In the case of the version for Ios, buttons without translation were also found.


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