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June 2018


Localiza2 is an app for emergencies, threats, mistreatment, bullying, harassment, theft, assault, kidnapping, etc. that connects the user with their friends, family, protectors in these cases and in real time. By pressing an alarm button, the app begins to record the audio and send it along with the location to the mobile number that you configure.

The website where all the information can be found is and it is a development of the Technical Department of the Andalusian Study Center.

Warranty and support

Through websites  there is a contact form, a user manual and a frequently asked questions section.


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Technical assessment:


  • Two-way sending of notices, SMS and E-mail.
  • To be able to configure two simultaneous receivers of the notices.
  • Sending the file with the environment's audio.


Improvement points:

  • Have a direct access that makes it easy to open the application.


The application has been tested for two weeks. When installing it, there is a configuration tutorial in which you have to establish a username and password to protect the configuration, enter personal data and finally fill in the telephone and email information to which notifications are sent in cases of emergency.


Configuration screen

Home Screen


Screen with emergency started


In case of emergency, we have to open the application and press the button that appears in the center of the screen for 3 seconds. When doing so, the application will begin to record the sound and send notifications with the recording and location by email and optionally an SMS alert to the people that we have configured in Notifications. These notices will be sent every 20 seconds with the new position and the file with the recording, which occupies a little less than 1MB. Something very positive is that even if we close the application, it will continue to send warning messages, as long as we don't click the button again to stop sending. A recommendation for improvement, which could be useful, would be to incorporate a widget-type shortcut or access from the notification bar. That would make it easier to open the app in an emergency situation.

In case of not having an internet connection, a notice appears informing that it will only send the messages through SMS. When the Internet connection is restored, sending via email is automatically resumed.

Consumption  battery It is very small and does not affect the autonomy of the terminal.

Una improvement recommendation, which could be useful, would be to incorporate a widget-type shortcut or access from the notification bar. That would make it easier to open the app in an emergency situation.

The tests have been carried out with a mobile phone with Android 5.1 operating system



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