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We analyze the application Official Video of Mapcesible

Video review

  • Animated image of the app locating places in a city
  • Example of valuation of a bar
  • Accessibility report screen of mapcesible; transportation, mobility, etc.

What does it consist of:

2019Mapcessible is an informative and collaborative application that facilitates the location of accessible places: bars, restaurants, shops, hotels, public toilets, museums, cinemas, theaters, sports centers, beaches and especially highlights the location of parking spaces for people with reduced mobility. The initiative is from Fundación Telefónica and aims to promote the Mapcesible community to make accessible places visible around all of Spain. In relation to the technological application, it is designed and developed by and for the group of end-users, and it is very easy and usable, thanks to the guided questions and contextual aids (carried out with the consultancy of Ilunion Tecnología y Accesibilidad).     

Forms of Acquisition:

The free application is available for Android and iOS:  

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