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What does it consist of:

November 2018


Minimum is a free application that aims to be a visual support for the training of auditory discrimination, based on the opposition of minimal pairs, that is, words that differ in a single phoneme.

Most people who use hearing aids (implants or hearing aids) have little time. On the other hand, it is not easy to turn to a person for a task like phonological training. For this reason, Minimo is designed as a complementary support that allows us to train at any time or place and without the need for a physical interlocutor.

The proposal of the application is to understand the word that is formed with the phonemes and let the brain process discover how to do it. All hearing disabilities are not the same, although many times they have the same diagnosis of profound deafness. Minimal is in charge of adapting the training program to your specific needs.

Minimal is a project carried out in collaboration between Vodafone Spain Foundation, Contain, Give them the Word Foundation y Applicant.


Forms of Acquisition:

The application is free and can be downloaded from GooglePlay and the App Store: 

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