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What does it consist of:

One of the benefits that mobile phones and Smartphone have provided us is the possibility of calling any number from anywhere and this opportunity is the one that the My112 application takes advantage of. Allowing the call to 112 from the location where we are, also adding the geolocation functionality.
Also having the ability to display the coordinates on the screen in cases where geolocation does not work correctly.
To the aforementioned, we add that the developers have thought about accessibility, including tagging for screen readers or an option such as being able to activate an accessible interface for different groups of people with disabilities.

Forms of acquisition:

We can easily download the application from the Play Store in the case that we have an Android device or from the App Store in the case that we have an Apple device, note that the application in both operating systems is completely free, although the use of Premium message delivery will have an additional cost. Download the Android version at the following link:
Link download My112 for Android
Download the iOS version at the following link:
Link download My112 IOs

Technical assessment:

Author: Julian Maria Morejon Carmona
Date: March 2021
Although the usefulness of 112 may be unknown to some users or little used in today's society, this union of Telefónica, developer of the app, with the services of 112, is a breath of fresh air at the service.
Therefore, we can confirm the introduction into the emergency service of some benefits such as being able to provide the 112 service with geolocation when we contact them or the possibility of even attaching a photo via Premium SMS of our location.
These benefits can even save our lives in extreme emergency situations, so they are very interesting and useful.
In this review we will do an analysis of the app for both Android devices and IOs, focused on Android mobile devices with version 9 and for IOs version 13.4.1.


Next, we proceed with the analysis of the various aspects of the application.
Once the app is installed, starting to use it is quite simple, when opening it for the first time, an interface will appear to enter our phone number and the necessary permissions will be requested to be able to make calls and send our location to the 112 services.
Initial configuration interface
When we have completed this step, the main interface will appear where the number 112 is shown to us to select it if we want to quickly contact them followed by 2 options located just below that will be: 
- Notices: It shows us the notices published by 112 in our location.
- Emergency: It gives us the option of sending an emergency to 112 next to the geolocation.
Main interface
The interface is very simple, since great complexity is not necessary for the intended functionality, facilitating communication with 112 services quickly. 
The settings can be found located in the upper left corner, represented by three lines, in which we find quite interesting options that fulfill the objectives of the application, such as the following sections:
- Subscription to notices: It allows us to select from the available list of 112 services in Spain, of which we want to receive notifications of your publications.
- Configuration: It allows changing our phone number configured in the app, as well as activating the accessible interface.
- Warning contacts: a very remarkable option, since it allows us to add contacts that we have stored on our phone, so that they are notified when we have an emergency, without a doubt a very useful option.
Configuration tab
If we summarize, the application, even being simple and simple, fulfills what it promises and what is more important, it can help save lives, in addition to having innovative options such as being able to add contacts to which we automatically notify in case let us report an emergency.


 It is undoubtedly an aspect that the application developers have wanted to take care of. Therefore, the app is labeled for screen readers as TalkBack and has the option in settings to activate a special interface designed to be more accessible.
This accessible interface has much larger and highlighted icons so that people with somewhat reduced visibility can differentiate the different options, as well as people with physical difficulties who use buttons can select them more quickly.
In conclusion, its design and simplistic interface, in which each element is characterized by a large size and highlighted with suitable colors, provided by the accessible interface option, make the app more than comply with this aspect. Making it clear that they have worked to try to facilitate accessibility in the app.


After testing the application, we can convey that the app is very useful to facilitate and speed up contact with 112 services. As it is very easy to use, any user can handle it.
On the other hand, we must comment that using geolocation can consume a high percentage of the battery in many terminal models.
We emphasize that the application has interesting options such as being able to notify a series of contacts that we have chosen when we have an emergency. In addition, there is the possibility of activating an accessible interface, designed to help possible groups of people with disabilities.
Finally, we must inform that its point to improve perhaps apart from battery consumption is the ease of activating the Premium SMS functionality that sends a photo when you contact the emergency service. Something that would be interesting to improve, since they cause an additional cost in the invoice, due to the multimedia delivery.
We also add that being available both for Android and IOs, it encompasses the entire user community, a very important aspect, as it guarantees that the app is available to any user regardless of their device. 


  • Speed: It allows us to quickly communicate with the 112 services in the area where we are, helping them to help us easily.
  • Good app design: Simple interface and very fast operation, which help the user to access the functionality without complications or confusion.
  • Accessibility: There is an effort on the part of the developers to make the application accessible to the maximum number of groups of people, having an accessible option and support to complement this objective.

Improvement points

  • Battery usage optimization: The application uses the GPS of our device to be able to show the coordinates or send the location in the necessary cases, but the fact that it is always locating us even when the app is not used, leads to a high battery consumption. That could negatively affect our device, so an improvement in how to access the GPS only when opening the app, for example, would be very interesting to mitigate the problem.
  • Control SMS Premium: Although the app and its functionality is completely free, it includes the option of a Premium SMS that sends a photo of the place where we are when we contact the 112 services. Although the feature may be interesting, when sending multimedia content by SMS it makes have an additional charge. Therefore, specifying it more clearly that it may have that cost or making its activation more difficult would benefit users.




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