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What does it consist of:

December 2018


FOR ME is an application with information that can be useful to end situations of violence, mainly designed for people who are direct victims. It can also be used by those who, without being a direct victim of violence, know of a case and want to find out or report.

The tool in general is to raise awareness, inform and report. Through it they allow themselves what will allow you to recognize them more easily. Information on the resources available to overcome these situations of violence is described. It also includes direct links to complaint numbers such as 016 and 112.

The information is available both in easy reading and with links to videos with sign language interpretation, in order to guarantee that all women can access the information contained in this application without any restriction.

PORMI has had the support of the Vodafone Spain Foundation, and the technical advice of a group of experts in the field, made up of members of the Government Delegation for Gender Violence, the National Police Corps, the Red Cross and entities CERMI.


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The application can be downloaded at the following links:



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