Orientatech project

Orientatech is an initiative managed by the Social Technologies Foundation TECSOS constituted by Cruz Roja Española and the Vodafone Spain Foundation. The project arises from the experience of more than 15 years in the application of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), to solve social challenges through technological innovation, contributing to the improvement of people's skills and paying special attention to the most vulnerable.

The analysis of ICT products is carried out by a team of experts in the social application of technology and a group of volunteers and potential users of said products, in accordance with previously established test criteria. The profile of the professionals varies from occupational therapy or psychology to the most technical engineering.

The project is materialized in this web portal that aims to be a benchmark in the comparison of social technology products using the experience accumulated by TECSOS during the development of numerous projects and the perception of the end users. and diffusion, Orientatech aims to influence the promotion of people's well-being, collaborate and advise influential bodies, public and private organizations that participate in the ecosystem of social inclusion and participation.


For a solution to be analyzed in Orientatech, you must meet the following requirements:

– Innovative software or hardware solutions, based on ICT.

– Aimed mainly at the elderly, people with disabilities, people in a situation of dependency or victims of gender violence, although the inclusion of solutions aimed at other groups will be valued.

– Aimed at promoting personal autonomy or an active and healthy life.

– That the product is marketed in Spain, and that it can be purchased and self-managed by end users.

Any interested company can get in touch to request an analysis of its social technology products, accepting the collaboration criteria, which can be consulted in the section on Documentation, and we will work together to analyze your solution.

Thank you very much and welcome to our portal!

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