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What does it consist of:

With all the activities we do during the day, it can often happen that we forget certain tasks that can be very important, such as taking medications.
To solve this problem, we find the Remo app developed by ONCE, allowing us to carry out an exhaustive control of the medications that we must take as well as the intake we make of them. All this accompanied by a simple interface designed for use by any user.

Forms of acquisition:

We can download the application quickly from the App Store, since this application is exclusive for Apple devices, it is completely free. Download the iOS version at the following link:
Download link REMO ONCE IOs

Technical assessment:

Author: Julian Maria Morejon Carmona
Date: March 2021
When it comes to taking medication, although it is very important, sometimes we can forget it, to solve this problem we find this interesting application.
It is an app designed to ensure that we do not forget to take any medication, a task of great importance when we have, for example, a disease. For this reason, for its design all possible scenarios have been taken into account so as to guarantee the fulfillment of its objective.
With a simple and easy-to-use interface, they make the app quite competent in its functionality.
In this review we will do an analysis of the app for devices with IOs, because it is only available in this operating system, using IOs version 13.4.1.


Next, we proceed with the analysis of the different sections of the application.
After having installed the app, starting to use it is very simple, just by opening it we will be shown an interface in which we can access three different options in the bottom bar: 
- Tomas: shows us a calendar with the day we are and the medications that we have configured for that day together with the time of taking.
App Jacks Interface
- Pharmaceutical products: in this option the medications that we have registered in the app appear together with a description of them. It also allows us to add new ones using the icon with the plus symbol located in the upper right corner.
App Drug Interface
- Settings: in this section we will find different configuration options for the app, highlighting being able to make backup copies or configure notifications.
App Settings interface
The organization in the app is quite effective and makes it very comfortable to be able to function in it. It is really optimal that its configuration is so fast since that simplicity will help more users to turn to it.
As for the settings, it is appreciated that we have options of being able to establish a period to postpone the shots along with being able to make adjustments in how the app will display the notifications of the shots. This coupled with the possibility of a backup, which is important so as not to lose our settings and medications if, for example, we change mobile.
In short, the application fulfills its mission more than anything and we can appreciate that its design is correct by providing fluid and easy access to functionality, it is certainly a positive experience.


 Although the application does not have any specific accessibility setting, it can be seen that the developers have tried to make it accessible. 
To do this, they have used large and well-differentiated icons, which allow them to easily distinguish medicines and days, which leads to greater accessibility for people with mild vision problems and greater ease of selection for those who use push buttons.
Also its exhaustive labeling for screen readers, such as the one included in the IOs system, which makes use of SIRI for screen reading, make it accessible for people with more complex vision difficulties.
Finally we comment, that although the vibration of the device with notifications can be configured in the settings of the device. It would be helpful to have included an option for this function in the app settings, to facilitate accessibility to the group of people with hearing problems.


After carrying out the relevant tests in the app, it is confirmed that it is a very remarkable application, which allows in a simple way to help users not to forget to take their medications.
Its design and interface also makes us see that the developers wanted to provide it with good accessibility, highlighting its good performance with screen readers, thanks to the good labeling carried out. Although some exclusive accessibility option is missing in the options for other groups.
In summary, if you want to manage your medications and make sure that you do not forget any dose, this is one of the best and simplest apps that you can use, with a very simple handling and learning to use.
REMO ONCE Video Tutorial:


  • Ease: Adding medications, editing or deleting them is really quick and easy to do, as well as consulting the day's intakes as well as the previous day's.
  • Accessibility: There is an effort on the part of the developers to make the application accessible to everyone, even without having a specific accessibility option, but a design that facilitates it for some groups of people.

Improvement points

  • Configure vibration in settings: It is missing being able to configure the vibration of the notifications in the app settings, it would be a very appreciated addition by the users.
  • Android version: Although a large base of users belonging to groups are found in IOs due to their advantages in accessibility options, there is another large part that use Android. Therefore, the development of a version for Android would allow the entire user base to be covered, benefiting the community.



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