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RXLongevity 60+

RXLongevity 60+

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What does it consist of:

RXLongevity 60+ is an application designed for people over 60, offering personalized exercises, physical activities, nutrition classes and more, with the purpose of promoting an active, healthy and fulfilling life for this age group. 

Its primary objective is to increase physical, mental and social activity in older people by promoting healthy habits. RXLongevity 60+ adapts activities to the age and physical capacity of each user, offering options such as yoga, dance, karate and CrossFit. 

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Forms of acquisition:

Mobile app

It is available on Android at the following link:             google play

It is available on iOS at the following link:                         App Store Logo

Technical assessment:

Author: Ana Hidalgo

Date: May 2024

RXLongevity 60+ is a project of the Cofrentes Spa (Valencian Community), part of its longevity initiative in collaboration with the La Vega Commonwealth. It focuses on improving the health and personal well-being of older people, preventing and reversing avoidable cognitive and physical deterioration, through personalized and pleasant activities for users. 

The application selects appropriate activities according to the activity level and physical capacity of each user, offering flexible schedules to do them in the company of other users with similar levels. This allows you to share experiences and observe individual and group progress. 


Test runs were carried out on a Xiaomi Note 12 and an iPhone 6S (iOS 13.4.1) to evaluate the performance of the application. 



Once the application is downloaded from the corresponding store, it can begin to be used. When you open the application, brief explanations about its operation and benefits are presented. 

"From the age of 60 our bodies show changes, but more and more researchers demonstrate that we can choose the pace of these changes" Says the doctor of the application
Photo of one of the teachers along with the following text "Reducing joint pain, cardiovascular risk, cognitive decline, or staying agile and strong is possible with the right plan" Says one of the teachers
"At Rosita Longevity we know how to do it. Our personalized Healthy Longevity Plan (PLS) will guide you day by day to live longer in good health." One of the teachers says it

Before starting, it is necessary to complete a detailed questionnaire about age, sex, height, mood, previous illnesses, among other health-related aspects. This personalizes the app's activity suggestions.

Es remarkable the user-friendliness of the interface, with a large keyboard and buttons for easy interaction, especially for visually impaired users since it also reads the questions aloud to you. 


First screen of the initial questionnaire. Gutter with two large buttons to indicate the sex of the user. Man on the left and woman on the right. At the bottom center of the screen is the CONTINUE button
At the top of the tab we find the question "How old are you?" A reference age is located in the central part, and just to the sides of it are the buttons to raise and lower the age. Go up on the right and go down on the left. At the bottom center is the CONTINUE button
At the top of the tab we find the question "Compared to the people around you, how happy are you?" In the central part are the three buttons, happier, equally happy or less happy. At the bottom center is the CONTINUE button
At the top of the tab we find the question "Do you have any of the following diseases?" In the central part are the four buttons, Diabetes, coresterol, hypertension and hypothyroidism. At the bottom center is the CONTINUE button


It begins with an explanatory video about the benefits of RXLongevity 60+ and a brief scientific explanation about the pathologies selected by the user. The videos are interactive, allowing you to fast forward or pause according to the user's preference. 

Then, a video by Dr. Fernández Torán, director of the Cofrentes Spa, is presented on the "5 pillars of satisfactory aging." After watching this video, you can begin the activity plan, such as a 30-minute physio gym class, with the option to pause, fast forward or exit according to the user's needs. 

Start video of the course.


Another notable feature of RXLongevity There are 60+ chat groups, which allow users to ask questions about any topic related to their program directly with the teacher or doctor. In addition, they make it possible to share experiences with other users, facilitating the use of the application and combating the feeling of loneliness by providing the opportunity to interact with real people instead of with a machine.     

Example of a chat with a teacher, in this case María. We can interact with it at the bottom and with a maximum of 500 characters.


RXLongevity 60+ offers a variety of classes, activities and live talks as one of its featured options. 

When you access the application, a box with the live activities scheduled for that day is displayed on the home screen. Activities already completed will be marked as completed. Additionally, in the programs tab, there are live recordings recorded on a delayed basis, where users can access and watch them at any time. 

At the top the live stream that is happening at that moment is shown with a button to join. Below this is the schedule of the rest of the live shows that will take place on that day. And at the bottom, the button is shown to see the recorded live shows from other days


Under live activities we find those available at any time of the day, which gives the user greater flexibility when deciding when to do them. 

As mentioned, there is a great variety in the types of activities there are and in the topics they cover: training sessions adapted to different levels, talks on cardiovascular health, yoga, classes to learn to dance jazz, light physical exercises... 

This is one of the main strengths of RXLongevity 60+, since users have a wide variety of activities taught by different teachers or monitors. In addition, there is a certain customization in the activities that the application will offer us to do, since it will recommend us to do those that match our physical level and will not show us those that we cannot do due to, for example, having joint pain when performing certain movements or due to heart problems. 

Additionally, in the lower right part of each activity a series of colored circles appear with a symbol inside. These circles give us information about the activity, such as the level at which they are directed or other characteristics of interest. By clicking on the icon in question, a description of the information you want to give us will appear. 

There are numerous icons that allow the user to have more information so that he can decide whether or not an activity is interesting for him or her. 

Perhaps it would be interesting if these icons were a little larger, as this would make them easier to see for those users with reduced vision. 


In the “Longevity” section, users can view all the goals achieved by completing the various programs in their plan. This allows progress towards established objectives to be closely monitored.




Window of longevity, it is a house with different insignia inside for each goal achieved.


In addition to the functionalities mentioned above, RXLongevity 60+ includes the challenge option, where weekly challenges are set to complete throughout the week. For example, a challenge could be completing 75 minutes of the “Knee Pain” program.


The entire screen is the bars of objectives achieved during the week, such as completing minutes of Respiratory Physio


These tests are intended to verify if the application has bugs that do not allow it to perform its functions. 

The application has been tested for several days. On both the Android and iOS operating systems, downloading the application, installing it, registering and all the steps up to and including taking the fitness test have worked correctly. Access to live classes and pre-recorded classes also works correctly. 

Overall, no serious reliability issues have been detected in the app, so the reliability of the RXLongevity 60+ app can be said to be good. 

Accessibility for people with cognitive difficulties   

The application is simple to use. This makes many users use it without difficulty. 

Accessibility for people with reduced or no vision


 The application does not have a settings section where you can change the theme or font or contrast options. However, the size of the various buttons is quite large throughout the application. This makes the various buttons easy to identify even for people who have lost some vision over the years. 

In general, the contrast between the app's font color and the background is adequate, combining dark colors for the font and light colors for the backgrounds, which makes the texts easier to read. 

To complete this section, some tests have been carried out with the screen reader systems available on Android and iOS devices. These tests have focused on checking the correct labeling of the icons and buttons that RXLongevity 60+ has. In the tests carried out, it has been verified that the buttons and the different screens that make up the application are well labeled. The only buttons that present a small problem in their labeling are the circles that add information regarding the different activities. 


Accessibility for people with hearing difficulties

 People with hearing difficulties may have certain limitations when using this application, since many of the contents of RXLongevity 60+ such as talks or activities, they have an important part that is carried out by voice and the application does not allow subtitles to be activated. Perhaps this problem can be solved with an external application that allows these subtitles to be displayed on the screen. 


This application can be a very useful tool for older people to lead an active and healthy life through directed activities and personalized exercises. 

As explained by RXLongevity 60+, all of these activities have been designed and supervised by doctors so that they can be used by users with problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or cardiovascular problems, in addition to being designed to prevent aspects such as possible falls during exercise. development of activities. 

One of the most interesting aspects that we find in RXLongevity 60+ is the wide variety of exercises and activities that are proposed and available to users. In addition, the combination between live activities and other previously recorded activities that users can do at any time is very interesting. 

It is also interesting that in the application we not only find physical activity exercises, but also others intended for mental stimulation and relaxation, such as yoga, tai chi or meditation. These activities are aimed at facilitating relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, while improving the flexibility of the body and the balance of the mind. 

Finally, we find talks on aspects related to health, such as the relationship between cardiovascular health and aging. These talks can be very interesting and very useful for the elderly group, since they give advice on health, guidelines for leading a healthy life and help identify symptoms of health problems derived from aging. 

Given that the main users of this application are elderly people, once the application is being used, a very interesting idea is that the mobile phone on which RXLongevity 60+ will be installed could be connected to the television using some cable or device. Chromecast type. In this way, the images on the RXLongevity 60+ screen could be displayed in a much larger and more friendly size for these older people, for example, while carrying out a directed activity. 

Finally, an aspect that could be improved is accessibility for people with hearing problems by not having subtitled videos. Perhaps it would also be interesting for the accessibility of this group to develop activities in which the monitor gave instructions using sign language, which would facilitate the use of the application for people with no hearing.



  • In the application we find a huge amount of different exercises, live broadcasts, talks and personalized activities. 
  • The interface is well designed, it is simple to use and its use is very user friendly in general. 


Improvement points 

  • Accessibility for people with hearing problems can be improved. 
  • Alternative text on the circle buttons that add information regarding the different activities. 
  • Give the possibility of subtitles in the videos 
  • Increase the size of the buttons that add information from the different applications  


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