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October 2018
Sensara Home Care It is a home protection system that helps elderly or dependent people to stay in their environment independently, for a longer time. Sensara monitors the lifestyle of the home where it is installed, keeping family, friends or neighbors informed in real time of the monitoring of their activity. Sensara HomeCare also alerts you to potential health risks, such as an increased risk of falls or the possibility of dehydration. Early detection of such risks is a proactive way to prevent more serious complications.
Sensara HomeCare is easy to install and designed for the elderly. The application offers a clear overview of daily activities to recognize the person's daily patterns and send alarms only when necessary.
The system does not use cameras or microphones, only wireless motion sensors that monitor activity and whose data is accessible through a web.

Forms of acquisition:

Sensara Home Care It is available from € 15 per month plus a one-time fee of € 100 for the set of home sensors. You need to have You need an Internet connection for Sensara HomeCare to work.

The application can be obtained for Android at the following link:

And for IOS in this link:

Link to App Store

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