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What does it consist of:

June 2018


Dot It is the first Braille clock compatible with Android Smartphone and Iphone. The clock has 24 actuators / sensors distributed in groups of 6, to form 4 simultaneous braille characters, the reading speed is marked by the user himself in his finger movement.

The watch allows you to display information such as the time and set alarms or use a stopwatch. Additionally, the Dot clock allows the different notifications associated with Smartphone applications such as Facebook, mail and others to be represented by braille.

Dot connects via Bluetooth to the Smartphone in a simple way and its battery has a capacity of 400 mA / h enough for use for about a week.

The watch has interchangeable straps and there are versions in different colors.




Forms of Acquisition:

Official Web

The watch can be ordered on the web since there is currently no stock available.

The approximate price is € 300


Are you interested in us doing a more in-depth analysis of this product?

You can request it by contacting the following link.

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