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What does it consist of:

September 2018
Social & Care is a mobile application that allows you to collaborate with the work of caregivers, in relation to their dependents. The general functionality is especially aimed at people with Stroke, Alzheimer's, Reduced Mobility, Parkinson's and Intellectual Disability.
The concept consists of installing the Social & Care application on two mobile phones, the caregiver and the user, and both terminals are linked to each other. There is the possibility of using a specific smartwatch for the dependent person, simplifying its use. This smartwacth is provided by the Social & Care company and has an integrated SIM card.
From the family member's mobile, tasks, medications and user locations can be configured so that it is transparent and has only to carry the mobile with him. Social & Care notifications of tasks, medications and routes to reach the usual locations of the person attended. Every time one of the tasks is performed, takes medication or arrives at a location, the caregiver will be informed through a notification on the screen. It is possible to know the location of the person in real time, especially in case they require help at specific times. For this last specification, there is an SOS button enabled for it.
The options are defined around these functionalities: Alerts, Contacts, Locations, Heat map for historical positions, Activity calendar and taking medication are some of them. In relation to wearables, the devices are directly combined with the application to send them vibrations and sound information with each notification.

Forms of Acquisition:

Company contact Social & Care is:
(+34) 876 097 714
The purchase prices of the application and the device are as follows:


Social & Care prices


The links to download the GooglePlay app and AppStore are the following: 


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