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  • Verbs template image soyVisual

What does it consist of:

October 2019

Soyvisual is a project of Orange Foundation, which consists of an Augmentative Communication system that uses visual cues to stimulate language development and help people with needs to understand the world and communicate. The key to this project has been to create a multidisciplinary team of educators and designers who have provided the basis and coherence to the entire system.

SoyVisual, as its name suggests, is made up of illustrated plates y pictures Free access and downloadable to be able to use in digital version or to print. 

With the illustrated plates Scenes close to reality are recreated and are essential for working with everyday situations. The contents of these sheets are based on actions related to the most basic communication needs. For example 'eat', 'drink', 'smell', 'sleep', 'see', 'hear', 'play', 'read', or 'walk'.

HR pictures they are the easiest way to talk about the real world and are the bridge between reality and other more abstract visual representations, such as pictograms. 

The photos that make up the #Soyvisual catalog meet a series of technical requirements to ensure that they fulfill their function within the scope of augmentative communication.



Forms of Acquisition:

The free application, it is recommended to use on a touch support or on the PC with support product to access its options / sections, then the links to access the download on Android and iOS. 

A default exercise is included in the installation. The App allows the download of other exercise packages to work on the morphosyntax and construction of sentences with the verbs: «eat», «drink», «smell», etc. Level 1 (Subject - Verb - Direct Complement). New higher-level packages will be gradually available for more verbs and to work with other areas of the language such as semantics or pragmatics.




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