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December 2017


It is a totally free video interpretation system in Spanish sign language, which allows telephone communication between deaf and hearing people through the figure of a video interpreter. Users can carry out any day-to-day management autonomously, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week

SVIsual can be used through various devices such as videophone, camcorder with Internet connection, Smartphone or the web application available on the website

The user only has to register through the website, and once registered, they can start using the service, through the web application or on their Smartphone.

On a technical level, SVIsual can be used with an application on the mobile phone, compatible with IOS and Android. It can also be used through the web with a webcam and ADSL connection. And finally, a SIP videophone could also be used. The specific details, as well as the compatibility of each type of access and connection, can be consulted on the product website:

Additionally, the platform allows the possibility of using websites when the owners have contracted the SVIsual service and access face-to-face services that have “Face-to-Face Access Points”. This is the case of ADIF, which has videophones in customer service offices, which is why the remote video interpretation service is offered between ADIF staff and the deaf person.

Forms of acquisition:

The app is available for free for people who are deaf or hard of hearing on the Play Store and the App Store.

The iOS version can be downloaded from the following link:

aImage from App Store. Pressing it opens a new window with the SVIsual page in the App Store.

The Android version can be downloaded from the following link:

Image from Google Play. Pressing it opens a new window of the SVIsual application in the Play Store.

They do not detail the support service, but put their contact information:

E-mail: Address: C / Islas Aleutianas nº 28 28035 Madrid

Telephone: 91 376 85 60 Fax: 91 376 85 64

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