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Telephone for seniors Doro 2404

Telephone for seniors Doro 2404

Joint image of the Doro 2404 with the lid open and the Doro D2404 resting on its charging base.
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What does it consist of:

The Doro 2404 is one of the numerous flip phone models that the Swiss brand (Doro) has designed for the elderly. This is a terminal that, in addition to having most of the functionalities of phones of the same range, allows its operation to be further simplified thanks to the possibility of limiting the use of some of its features. In addition, its folding design ensures that there are no accidental dials while the terminal is closed.

Among the most attractive aspects of the Doro 2404 we find its charging base, SOS emergency call button and function, various speed dial keys, side volume button and the possibility of increasing the font size.

Weight and measurements

Weight: 100 g

Size: 102 x 53 x 19 mm

Screen size: 6,1 cm (2.4″)

Image showing the Doro 2404 terminal from the front resting on its charging base.

Forms of acquisition:

Forms of acquisition

The Doro 2404 can be purchased at various specialized or general stores. However, the easiest and fastest way to purchase it would be through one of the many online stores that offer the phone.

Below is a link to an online comparator that compares the selling price of the phone in the most popular online stores and establishments.

The sale price during the date that the analysis was carried out, March 2022, varies between 42 and 55 euros.

On the other hand, in case you want to buy the 2404 model directly from the manufacturer or you want more information about the device, the link of the phone is made available in the official Doro store.

In this case, the selling price of the phone is 55 euros.

Warranty and support

Information on how to contact them and on the warranty conditions can be found in the customer service section of the official Doro website. In addition, this same section offers the possibility of searching for the manual of any of its products. Here is the link to Doro customer support:

The warranty if you buy the Doro 2404 from the official Doro website is 2 years for the phone itself and 1 year for the various accessories included.

However, it is necessary to take into account the modification of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, which establishes that durable products, such as a mobile phone, must have a minimum guarantee of 3 years if they have been purchased after January 1, 2022. Therefore, the website may have the duration of the guarantee outdated. In addition, if you buy the product from another point of sale, it may mean a different guarantee period and conditions.

On the other hand, if you want to have the support service, they offer us two possibilities.

The first way would be by calling the contact telephone number provided, +901 900 209 .

The other possible method available is by contacting the following email:

Another aspect of the customer service section that has been mentioned is the ability to search for the instruction manual for any Doro product. In our case for the Doro 2404 we have at our disposal the quick user guide, which is already included in the box of our telephone.

Next, we provide the quick guide of the terminal in pdf format:

Doro 2404 Quick User Guide


Technical assessment:

March 2022

The Doro 2404 is a mobile phone designed for people who are looking for a terminal with easy operation that has the most necessary features. In addition, thanks to its folding design, it is guaranteed that there will be no markings by mistake.

Image of the front view of the Doro 2404 when it is open.

The content of the box is very similar to that of other similar models and is very compactly placed. The Doro 2404 comes with a separate battery, a fixed charging station, a micro USB charging cable that can be connected to the phone or to the station, a pair of ear buds and a user guide in several languages.

One of the first aspects that it is necessary to point out is the difficulty of opening the back cover of the phone to insert the SIM card and the battery. This is due to the fact that some force is necessary and also because the design of the opening slot does not facilitate the process. In addition, when trying to remove the lid, you have the feeling that it can break at any time if you use more force than necessary.

When turning on the Doro 2404 for the first time, it offers us to activate a start-up wizard that allows us to configure some of the most important parameters such as the text size or the volume of the ringtone.

Image showing the startup wizard activation message that appears on the screen when the phone is turned on for the first time or activated in settings. The phone gives us the option to do it or skip it.

Buttons and physical appearance

The Doro 2404 is a terminal that has an alphanumeric keyboard with keys that are very easy to identify and a design that helps prevent unwanted keystrokes. These keys are individual, large and have a good separation between them. In addition, the keys are also backlit which allows them to be seen in low light situations. Another positive aspect of the keyboard design is the great contrast of the keys with the rest of the phone, allowing them to be easily identified visually, both in terms of their shapes and their icons.

In addition to the typical keys of this type of model, the Doro 2404 includes some additional ones that facilitate the user experience. Like, for example, the four keys on the front of the phone above the alphanumeric keypad. These are made up of two buttons dedicated to direct dialing, a direct access key to the camera and the last one as direct access to the messages section.

Close-up image of the Doro 2404 keyboard. In the image itself, the four keys that are located above the numeric keypad have been highlighted. These keys are the speed dial keys, A and B, and the keys represented with the icon of a camera and an envelope.

On the other hand, the terminal has a button on the right side that allows you to level the volume in a very simple and easy way. This, although it seems very basic, is appreciated, since not all models of the style have this type of button.

On the other side of the phone is the headphone jack output and the Micro USB charger connection.

On the back to the right of the speaker, there is also an SOS button in the same color as the phone.

As for the physical aspect, it is also important to highlight the functions of the three LEDs located on the front below the camera.

  1. The first of all has the flash/torch function and can also be set to flash when receiving a call.
  2. The next light that can be obtained is from the LED which is shaped like a letter. This will light up green when we have a missed call or a message has arrived.
  3. The last one which is represented in the shape of a battery will light up red when the phone is charging.

Image that shows a close up of the LEDs located below the camera and that have the function of warning.


Menu and texts

The menu is accessed by pressing the key located at the top left of the keyboard. In this you can access the different features offered by our phone and configure it according to our preferences.

An interesting aspect offered by the Doro 2404 is the fact that you can choose the style of the menu between two options:

  • Large: This option divides the menu into one page per category along with its corresponding icon. This makes the icons larger and easier to identify.

Image showing the menu if it has been set to large. In this case, each page of the menu corresponds to a characteristic. The Settings feature is shown in our image as an example.

  • List: In this option, the main menu is configured as if it were a list. Instead of only one category appearing per page, three will appear.

Image that shows the menu if it has been configured as a matrix. This menu contains all the categories in the same list. On the screen three functionalities will appear on the screen that will follow a list.

Generally speaking, the icons allow you to recognize most of the menu categories. Also, these icons do not change depending on the chosen menu style.

Initial operation can be simple and intuitive. However, some confusion can arise when trying to configure different aspects of the phone. This is due to the fact that some section titles are very general and do not give rise to thinking that the correct options are being chosen. To this, we must also add that some sections have their names abbreviated in a way that is difficult to understand.

As for the text, the initial size may be a bit small for some people. That is why it is appreciated that the terminal offers the possibility of increasing the size of the font considerably. Although it is true that, in general terms, a large font size facilitates understanding, there are times when, as the name of the section is very long, it appears choppy and you have to wait a while for it to scroll and be read completely. Next, it is going to show two images with the different font sizes.

Image showing normal text size.                            Image showing large text size.

SOS button

As mentioned, the terminal has a red SOS button located on the back just to the right of the speaker. Visually it can be a bit difficult to identify since it is the same color as the cover of the phone. Likewise, the physical interaction is not spared as it does not have a very differentiating relief with respect to the rest of the cover. Therefore, this can be recommended for those who want to have a more discreet SOS button.

This functionality of the phone allows you to save up to five contact numbers in order of importance. Once the button is pressed for a few seconds, the "hands-free" functionality is activated and one saved number is dialed after another until someone answers for as long as necessary and following the previously established priority.

Another function of the SOS button is the possibility of sending a personalized emergency SMS to the five contacts when pressing the button. This message will arrive before the call.

In addition to dialing and sending SMS, it also sounds an alarm tone to try to attract the attention of people around you.

The configuration of the SOS button can be somewhat complex as it is necessary to activate several features beforehand. Additionally, although we use the term SOS, this name or any specific name is never referred to on the phone, making the setup process difficult.

Finally, it is important to mention that it is not recommended to put contacts with an answering machine because they stop the process.

Close up image showing the SOS button located on the back of the phone.

speed dial buttons

A very attractive aspect of the Doro 2404 terminal is the fact that it has several speed dial keys. Among these keys two groups can be distinguished. In the first place, there are the keys whose only function is speed dialing, the A and B buttons. The other group is made up of all the numerical keys that go from 2 to 9 and the 0 key.

For its operation, it is only necessary to keep the corresponding key pressed until the contact you want to call is marked. In case of not having any saved number, the phone will notify us by means of a message that will appear on the screen. It is also worth noting that speed dial is only available from the home screen.

If there is something negative to highlight about this feature, it is its configuration process. Although it is true that it is well explained in the quick guide, the fact of navigating through several menus can be a difficulty for some people.

Calls and SMS

The sound quality of the phone is good and the maximum sound that can be obtained is high. In addition, the device offers the possibility of activating the hands-free or alternative loudspeaker mode during the call by pressing the button located above the hang-up button.

Unlike other similar models, the action of modifying the volume is quite simple. This is due to the fact that it has a side volume button that allows you to modify the levels during the call, whether you are in normal or hands-free mode.

The terminal also allows you to modify the ringtone, although it may be unintuitive. The problem arises when configuring the different parameters since it is necessary to open many menus and the phone does not provide much guidance on what process to follow. The values ​​that can be configured are the melody that sounds and the volume level. The maximum achievable volume is quite acceptable.

Sending and receiving SMS is simple and intuitive and is notified correctly both on screen and by sound.

Finally, it should be noted that some easy-to-understand icons will appear on the home screen that indicate if we have missed a call or an unread SMS.

Image showing the Doro 2404 agenda menu. On the screen you can see the options to add a contact, the first contact on the list, the ICE profile, and the possibility of seeing our phone.                              Image showing the message box menu.


The type of SIM used by the Doro 2404 is Micro.

In addition, the phone is dual SIM, or what is the same, it offers the possibility of using two phone numbers or SIM cards. This functionality can be useful for those people who want to have their personal and work line in the same terminal. It is also useful for when we travel to other places where our SIM does not work properly.

On the other hand, the terminal in terms of connectivity has Bluetooth version 3.0 and GPSR. However, the phone does not have the ability to connect to WI FI or use mobile data.

Image showing the back of the SIM and SD slots


The resolution of the Doro 2404 camera is 0,3 Megapixels. This quality, although relatively low, is in line with similar models and is more than enough for a phone with these characteristics. It should be noted that it does not allow making videos.

The operation of the camera is very simple thanks to the fact that the terminal has a dedicated button with the symbol of a camera. Pressing this button allows you to access the camera and take photos. The camera also allows you to very easily change the brightness or turn off the flash. In addition to the guide, the phone itself also indicates how to configure the different parameters.


The phone is accompanied by a quick user guide in several languages ​​that can be downloaded from the Doro website. The guide has a brochure-type format which can complicate the correct reading of it. Also, the font size is not excessively large.

On the other hand, not everything is negative, the guide describes most of the terminal's features correctly and is easy to follow. This is thanks to the fact that the explanations describe each step to be carried out and are accompanied by the icons of the buttons that must be pressed.

Image showing the first four sides of the Doro 2404 Quick User Guide.

FM radio and audio playback

The phone has a Jack output for the use of headphones on the left side. Also, a decent quality earbuds are included in the box.

In order to use the radio, the phone tells us that it is necessary to connect a headset first. Once the radio is turned on, there is the possibility of configuring it so that it can be heard through the terminal's loudspeaker. The radio whether used with headphones or speaker mode has good sound quality, correct tuning and a high maximum volume. In addition, as it has a side button to increase and decrease the volume, the sound levels are easy to control.

The radio can work in the background. That is, you can navigate through the menus or use other features of the device while the radio is on. Likewise, it can also be heard while the phone cover is closed.

The radio includes other interesting features. The first aspect to highlight is the possibility of putting personalized names to the different frequencies. Also, the radio offers the possibility to save some frequencies in a channel list. This channel list allows you to tune very quickly to the saved frequencies by pressing the numeric keypad.

The last aspect to comment on the radio is about the process of turning off the radio. Compared to similar terminals, it is very simple since it is only enough to disconnect the headphones.

On the other hand, the Doro 2404, unlike other similar models, does not have an audio recorder or player.

Image showing the radio menu. The number of the station and the name that we have given to the frequency appear.

Charging base

The phone can be charged via a micro USB charger or via a charging cradle. The charging base is a single position and ensures that the phone fits well. When the phone is correctly connected to the charging base or charger, a confirmation sound sounds and a red LED starts to flash on the top cover. As a negative point, it is necessary to highlight that the sound warning is not very high.


The Doro 2404 has a 1000 mAh battery. According to the manufacturer, this capacity represents a range of 600 hours on standby and 9 hours on call.

Additional storage

The phone has the possibility to include additional storage through an SD card of up to 32 GB. This card can be set to store the pictures you have taken or to store some files.


Flashlight, calendar, alarm, calculator and magnifying glass

The terminal includes some user-friendly features that can go well for our daily lives. All of them can be found in the phone menu.

The first to mention is the flashlight. Unlike other similar models, the Doro 2404 does not have its own button to turn the flashlight on and off. For this, it is necessary to activate it manually from its corresponding section in the main menu of the terminal. The flashlight can work in the background. The only problem that can arise is the fact that you have to be entering the menu to repeat the different operations.

Another feature would be the calculator. This also has its own section in the main menu. It is easy to use and intuitive and allows you to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The phone also allows you to set alarms. These are easy to program and allow you to configure parameters such as the tone to use.

On the other hand, you can use the camera as if it were a magnifying glass using the zoom. Although the idea may be fine in some specific cases, since the camera does not have a high quality, it is not recommended to use the phone for this.

Finally, it is worth mentioning some features available in the Organizer section, such as the calendar and the reminder. The reminder allows, as its name indicates, to define daily reminders.

In case you don't want to use a feature because you don't think it's necessary, there is the possibility of blocking its functions so that they don't appear in the menu.


The phone does not have the possibility to download games of any kind and does not offer any information about it.


The Doro 2404 has the possibility to increase the text size to a fairly large one.

The charging base is very easy to use. In addition, the audible warning and the LED help a lot.

The phone also has a series of messages that will appear on the screen every time we carry out an operation or when something cannot be done. These messages, for example, notify us if something has been saved correctly, if we have activated something like the radio or if we press a key that has no contact assigned to it.

Image showing the message that appears on the screen when a modification has been saved. This message only appears for a few seconds and closes.

The terminal does not have any screen reader function like iOS or Android mobiles. It also does not have a key reader when dialing as if they have some similar models.

There is no information on its compatibility with hearing aids.

A very interesting functionality included in the Doro 2404 is the possibility to create an ICE (In Case of Emergency) profile. This profile contains; general personal information, the two most important contacts and a brief medical history, among other things.

Message showing the ICE profile of the Doro 2404.


The Doro 2404 is a telephone that more than fulfills its purpose, to simplify operation taking into account the needs of the elderly. For this, the terminal offers the possibility to limit some of the terminal's features, adjust the text size or use numerous speed dial keys.

The phone also stands out for presenting some extra functionalities, such as the radio or the camera, which are very easy to use. In addition, it is appreciated that it has a volume button on the side that avoids the need to perform somewhat complex operations to adjust the volume. Generally speaking, the volume offered by the phone is loud and clear.

If there is something negative to highlight about the device, it would be the fact that the menus can be somewhat confusing due to the terms used. Another aspect that could be better is taking advantage of the top cover when folding the phone, since there are similar models that make better use of it. Some folding terminals that we have already analyzed have a secondary screen on this cover. This screen is very useful, since among its different functions, it allows us to know who is calling us without having to open the phone.


  • The battery has great autonomy and charges quickly.
  • The keys are large and have a good spacing.
  • The terminal has eleven speed dial keys that facilitate the experience.
  • The radio is very easy to turn off.
  • The maximum volume levels are high.
  • The phone offers the possibility of blocking some features, simplifying the operation of the terminal.
  • Includes an easy to use and configure SOS button.
  • The charging cradle is single-positioned, has a simple snap-in, and is easy to identify when charging.
  • There is the possibility to modify the font size.
  • The terminal has the possibility of configuring many parameters when turning on the terminal for the first time in a very simple way.

Improvement points

  • It would be interesting to be able to configure a button to activate the flashlight without having to open the menu all the time.
  • Some section names are confusing because they are too general or abbreviated in a way that is difficult to understand.
  • The speed of movement of the text when it does not fit on the screen is somewhat slow and cannot be configured.
  • The audible warning that the phone is charging is too low in volume.
  • Some basic operations such as answering a call when opening the cover are disabled from the start. It is a bit difficult to find how to activate them as it is not very well indicated.


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