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SPC Fortune 2 Phone

SPC Fortune 2 Phone

Front image of the phone. In the upper quadrant is the screen, in the central quadrant are the call (left) and hang up (right) buttons. And on the bottom quadrant are the extra-large number buttons.
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What does it consist of:

The SPC Fortune 2 phone is designed specifically to meet the needs of seniors, offering practical functionalities that make it simple and comfortable to use. With extra large keys it makes dialing easy, making it an ideal option for those with poor vision or limited dexterity. In addition, it has a high conversation volume to improve audibility, ensuring that each call is clear and understandable. 

Its included charging base allows it to be used like a landline phone, ensuring that it is always ready to use and that the battery is charged. A notable feature is the possibility of remote configuration by trusted contacts. These contacts can activate the SOS button, set emergency numbers and receive smart notifications in case of alert situations, giving peace of mind to both the user and their loved ones. 

 SPC Fortune 2 offers a complete and comfortable experience for those looking for a phone whose functionality focuses on calls and emergencies. With its additional security features, it is an ideal choice for those who value simplicity and peace of mind in their daily communication. 

Front aspect of the phone and charging stand

Technical Specifications:

Support and warranty: 

Information on the warranty conditions of SPC products is detailed in the specific manuals that accompany each device. These manuals are available in physical format along with the product, as well as in PDF format on the manufacturer's official website, through the following link: SPC FORTUNE 2 

In addition, SPC offers three ways to contact its customer service in Spain. The first option is by phone call to the contact number provided on your website, 944580178. Another alternative is to contact via email Finally, it is also possible to make a contact request using the following link: Submit a request – SPC Support Center . In addition, SPC is present on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  

In the event of manufacturing faults, material or design defects, SPC undertakes to collect the device and inspect it completely free of charge for the customer. If the necessary repair is not covered by the warranty or if its validity period has expired, the customer may accept or reject the quote provided. In case of acceptance, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the repair and return of the device. If the quote is not accepted, only the costs of returning the device will be paid. In no case will there be a charge for managing the review of the device and preparing the budget.  

In addition, the warranty offered is 24 months for devices purchased before 01/01/2022. But, devices purchased later have a 36-month warranty. Repaired parts or replacement product provided will be warranted for the remainder of the initial warranty period or for 1 year from the date of replacement or repair.  

For detailed information on warranty coverage, it is recommended to consult the Warranty section on the official SPC website, Guarantee – SPC . 

Forms of acquisition:

The SPC device Fortune 2 is available for purchase on the official website of PcComponents for a price of €33.99. You can purchase it through the following link: SPC Fortune 2 Telephone for Seniors Black | 

Technical assessment:

Author: Ana Hidalgo Montero 

Date: March 2024 

Buttons and physical appearance


The SPC Fortune 2 phone features an ergonomic and compact design. 


As we can see, on the upper front part, there are large buttons to start and end calls. The multifunction button located in the center quadrant on the right allows you to turn the phone on and off as well as hang up on calls. In addition, it has navigation buttons to move forward and backward. 


On the lower front, we find extra large keys, designed for easy dialing and navigation.  


On the left side, there are volume adjustment buttons for convenient sound control. 


On the right side is the flashlight button, providing a handy function for illuminating in low light situations.  


At the bottom of the device, there is a USB Type C input for charging, as well as an adapter for the fixed charging base.  


However, the emergency button, located on the back next to the rear camera, is presented as a suggestion for improvement. Although it has been designed in a subtle way to avoid stigmatization of the user, its smaller size could represent a difficulty for older people or people with vision problems in emergency situations.

Front image of the phone. In the upper quadrant is the screen, in the central quadrant are the call (left) and hang up (right) buttons. And on the bottom quadrant are the extra-large number buttons.
Back of the phone. In the upper left quadrant is the rear camera and just below it is the SOS button. In the lower quadrant we find the SPC brand logo
SOS function main menu. On the red screen, we find a square in the center that says SOS. In the lower left part of the screen we find the text to accept and in the lower right part the text to go back. In order to accept or go back to the text, you must use the buttons located just below the screen.

Start Menu: 

The home menu of the SPC Fortune 2 phone is very simple and easy to use, with large icons that make navigation easy. The user interface is designed in a simplified way, with the different applications arranged on separate screens, allowing the user to move between them using navigation buttons.  

On the other hand, on the main screen, the time and date are displayed in medium size in the center of the screen. However, the wallpaper can make the text difficult to see, although the option to change it is offered to improve readability.  

A suggestion for improvement worth highlighting is that, although the start menu is well organized in terms of size and layout, the submenus have a completely different format.  

In these submenus, the options are listed in a list with little space between the lines of text and the medium-sized font, with no possibility of enlarging it. Although there is supposed to be an option to switch between upper and lower case, no change is seen when doing so, indicating that this feature may not be available or is only useful for SMS.

Calls and messages: 

The functionalities related to calls and messages are designed with user comfort in mind. To facilitate dialing phone numbers, a keyboard with extra large keys is provided. Additionally, a complete history of dialed, missed and frequent calls is included for quick and convenient access. 

As for sending messages, the interface features a screen-sized text box and remarkable simplicity, making the process of composing and sending messages easy. In addition, the possibility of importing or exporting SMS messages to the SD card not included in the device is provided. 

However, it is important to note that the device does not have additional features to simplify tasks, such as the ability to add photos to contacts. 

Camera and image gallery: 

The rear camera of the device has a resolution of 0.08 megapixels.  

To access this camera, you need to navigate through the multimedia menu. Additionally, the image viewer and video player, stored on the memory card, are available in this menu, since the device does not have internal memory. 

Help functions: 

The SPC-FORTUNE 2 phone features one notable additional functionality: the ability to be adjusted by a trusted contact. This feature allows you to send an SMS with a specific code, which can be found in the device manual, from the mobile phone of a trusted contact to the user's device, with which the SOS button is activated or deactivated. , the associated emergency numbers are modified, maximum 5 numbers, or the device volume is adjusted.  

Additionally, the phone can automatically act in problematic situations, sending smart notifications to a previously registered trusted contact. These notifications are generated when a missed call is detected, when the battery drops below 15%, or if no activity is detected in a 24-hour period. The user can selectively choose in which situations they wish to receive these notifications.  

An additional feature is the phone's ability to automatically increase the volume if, after a missed call, the same number calls again within 3 minutes.  

Particularly noteworthy is the SOS button, which, after a brief press, sends an SMS and makes emergency calls to the 5 predefined contacts. If there is no response, the device will make up to three rounds of contact attempts.  



Configuration and adjustments. 

The user can access basic settings such as time and date through the Settings section. Additionally, within the advanced functionality of Smart Help, there is the option to configure emergency telephone numbers. 

Usability and accessibility. 

The phone's interface is simple, although it could improve in terms of intuitiveness.  

The reversible USB Type-C connector makes it easy to use in both positions, allowing the user to connect the charger with ease and reducing the chance of errors or damage. Additionally, a desktop charging base is included that turns the device into something similar to a landline phone. 


Accessibility for people with reduced or no visibility:

The SPC-FORTUNE 2 lacks the option to increase the font size. Additionally, it only offers visual support in the interface, without providing speech synthesis functionalities, such as voice dialing of phone numbers. 

 Accessibility for people with hearing difficulties: 

Although the phone has a very loud ringer designed for people with hearing difficulties, it is not compatible with hearing aids. This limitation suggests the need to improve hearing aid integration without interference from acoustic coupling. 

Accessibility for people with cognitive difficulties: 

The language used is basic and the phone interface is simplified, making it suitable for people with mild cognitive difficulties. 

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility: 

The phone is easy to use for people with limited mobility due to the extra large size buttons.  


In summary, the device has correctly implemented functionalities, especially in terms of emergency, but requires improvements in several aspects to offer a more complete and accessible experience.  


This section will encompass all the positive aspects specified above. 

  • The phone's extra-large keys make the user experience easier, especially for those with poor vision or limited dexterity. This feature improves the accessibility and usability of the device. 


  • The help functionality of SPC-FORTUNE 2 is remarkable. It allows adjustments and configurations by a trusted contact, as well as smart notifications in emergency situations, providing peace of mind and security to the user and their loved ones. 

Improvement points:

This section will encompass all the improvement aspects specified above. 


  • It is suggested to improve the design of the emergency button, located discreetly on the back next to the camera. Although its discretion is positive to avoid stigmatization of the user, its smaller size could make it difficult to use for the elderly or people with vision problems in emergency situations. 
  • The lack of consistency in the presentation of the submenus compared to the main menu stands out. The submenus show a different format, with options listed in a list with little space between the lines of text and a medium font size, with no possibility of adjustment. Also, the toggle between upper and lower case doesn't seem to work correctly. An improvement is suggested to maintain consistency across the device interface. 


  • It is noted that the device lacks additional functions to simplify tasks, such as the ability to associate photos with contacts 


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