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We analyze the application ZEMBRO VIDEO

Video review

What does it consist of:

October 2018
The ZEMBRO bracelet is a discreet locator for active seniors. The information and management of the bracelet can be done through a mobile application for Android and iOS. Its design is quite attractive and incorporates a data SIM card to allow the sending of data and communications. 
The functionalities offered by the bracelet are clock when the clock is pressed once, the battery status and other information can be displayed when it is pressed twice and finally and most importantly, when it is pressed for four seconds, it will sound. the alarm and will inform all the telephones and contacts of the elderly person. The wristband will issue a message or notification to the contacts and will offer the possibility of talking to them by phone through it. 

Bracelet functionalities overview


ZEMBRO functionality perspective


For more information you can consult the ZEMBRO website:


Forms of Acquisition:

You can buy the bracelet both on the manufacturer's website ZEMBRO, As in AMAZON. The purchase price of the bracelet is € 349, with a monthly fee of € 15. For more information, you can contact:

By phone (Mo / Fr: 9am - 13pm, Tu / We / Thu: 13pm - 17pm) +32 78 35 30 90 and by email

In relation to the application of relatives or caregivers that can be used as contacts to the bracelet, it can be downloaded from iTunes and GooglePlay: 







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